Twiggy in Germany, 1960s


Armenian-American woman in Armenia, 1991. From the Shades of L.A. collection of the Los Angeles Public Library.


Happy birthday to inventor Samuel Morse (April 27, 1791–April 2, 1872).

Or as Morse might say it:

…. .- .—. .—. -.— / -… .. .-. - …. -.. .- -.— / - —- / .. -. …- . -. - —- .-. / … .- — ..- . .-.. / — —- .-. … . .-.-.-


Margaret Maughan competing for gold in Rome’s 1960 Paralympics.

(BBC News)


Harlem, New York, 1964. A policeman confronts a group at Seventh Ave. and 126th St. during a riot. Photo by Dick De Marsico.

(Library of Congress)


April 28, 1503. Guns beat steel at the Battle of Cerignola: During the Second Italian War, the imperial armies of France and Spain were battling for supremacy on the Italian peninsula. When they met at the town of Cerignola in southern Italy, the forces of Spain, under the command of Gonzalo Fernández de Córdoba, were outnumbered by the French and their pike-wielding Swiss mercenary friends. But the Spanish had something going for them: 1,000 well-positioned arquebusiers, aka guys with guns. French heavy cavalry, backed up by the Swiss pikemen, did what European armies had done for decades—they charged. Hundreds of French soldiers, including their leader Louis d’Armagnac, Duke of Nemours, were cut down by the Spanish fusillade, again and again. The Battle of Cerignola was a game-changer in the history of warfare, considered first big European battle won mostly through the use of small arms. And the Duke of Nemours possibly has the dubious distinction of being the first general to be gunned down in combat. Live by the sword, die by small arms fire.

(Illustrations from the New York Public Library)



Tibetan soldier at target practice, 1905. 

Making another entry in the Tibetan Book of the Dead, as it were.


Men of the MARS Task Force in Burma, 1944

Cleopatra and Julius Caesar by Jean-Leon Gerome (1866)


Marc Riboud, Vers l’orient : Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan. 1955-1956. Editions Xavier Barral, Paris, 2012.

Convoy of camels, at the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. 1956.